First Visit

Your child’s journey with us begins with the first dental visit. Our goal is to guide your child into developing healthy oral hygiene habits and to understand the importance of dental care.

Just remember everything with your child is a “first.”  The AAPD recommends that your child should have a first visit by the first birthday. This visit is geared towards informing you on the best oral hygiene techniques to keep your child’s smile a healthy one. We will guide you on what to expect with eruption of teeth and future dental milestones, the possibility of dental trauma and how to handle situations and breaking dental habits. This information will help you create a healthy dental path for your child for a lifetime to come. Early visits also help your child become accustomed to the dental environment which will make each visit a more pleasant one. We are excited to be a part of your child’s first visit.


Preparing Your Little One for a Dental Visit

Children often mirror the emotions of their parents and can sense the anxiety that a parent may feel when a loved one is in someone else’s hands. It is important to instill confidence in your child and in our team in order to reduce anxiety. You may discuss with your child about what to expect on a dental visit, but try to avoid using threatening words like “hurt”, “shot” or “pain”. This will only cause your child to become fearful. Please allow our team to discuss our techniques, by using stories and terminology that children understand, which will make the visit a positive one.


Comprehensive Oral Evaluation

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    At your child’s visit, we will examine your child’s teeth and gums while checking for decay and abnormalities in the mouth.

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    Digital Xrays are necessary to determine if decay is present in areas that we cannot visually see, such as in between the teeth, and to evaluate growth and development. We will guide parents as to when xrays are necessary.

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    Your child’s teeth will then be thoroughly cleaned and oral hygiene instruction will be given by our friendly experienced team. We apply Fluoride to strengthen teeth and keep them cavity free.

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    We will also evaluate your child’s bite, spacing for permanent teeth and proper alignment of jaws and will discuss possible future need for orthodontics if necessary.

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    Dr. De Mirza will then advise you on a program of preventative health, review your child’s care plan with you and discuss any recommendations for future visits and treatment.