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Going to the dentist is not always the most exciting visit for children. Many children fear the dentist due to the unknown or have had past experiences that have caused considerable trauma. Dr. De Mirza and her staff have extensive experience helping you and your child reduce those fears when receiving treatment with us. You can rest assured that your child will be in warm and friendly hands.



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I have never seen my kids (5 & 6 years old) so excited to visit the dentist. The office is so fun and unique, words don’t do it justice in describing the experience. Kids actually felt like they were traveling the world and even got a stamped passport with their picture in the end! Friendly staff, state of the art technology, and amazing pediatric dentist. Highly recommend!

Nora M.

This is a gorgeous dental office, super professional and friendly staff, my daughter’s first appointment was smooth and easy, she felt like in a magic place. The Dr. is a super sweet person and very knowledge. Definitely she will be my daughter’s dentist forever! Loved it!

Isabel C

By far the best pediatric dentist we have been too! Dr. De Mirza fully explains any procedure she completes to not only to us parents, but also to her patients, and in kid friendly! She also provides the parents and patients with all the options available for the patient and fully supports the decision the family makes! Dr. De Mirza and her entire staff provide a fun, entertaining, and stress-free dentist experience for all of their patients! My 2 daughters (ages 8 and 6) love going to the dentist now! Thank you!!!

Kelley N.

My family is thrilled that Dr. De Mirza has opened her new office in the heart of Wellington! She has been my children’s dentist since they were young and they absolutely love her. When she’s filled their cavities or pulled a baby tooth, it has been a pain free and easy experience and they have absolutely no fear of seeing Dr. De Mirza. Her new office is absolutely beautiful, spacious, bright and fun for kids and her staff is as amazing and friendly as she is. We highly recommend her for kids, young and old!

Anna G.

The office is a fun travel theme with beautiful murals throughout. The staff is so friendly and patient. Dr. De Mirza is very kind and knowledgeable. So thankful to have found this office for my boys.

Meg A.

Dear Dr. De Mirza. Thank you for caring unconditionally for Matthias' teeth. Your generosity is amazing!

Kristina R.
(Matthias' Mom)

We love Dr. De Mirza! Her warm, supportive disposition when examining patients makes her a stand-out pediatric dentist. She willingly shares her open, upbeat nature with her patients. She responds thoroughly and compassionately to children's and parents questions and concerns.
Both our sons, pre-teens, have actually enjoyed their dental appointments with Dr. De Mirza. She always insures they fully understands their oral healthcare and treatment decisions. 
Since our son's first appointment, our entire family has felt fully confident that Dr. De Mirza has provided outstanding dental care in every way.

David & Concha S.

We are so excited to have Dr. De Mirza as a dentist for our children. They love her!

Rolando R.

Dr. De Mirza was able to accommodate my schedule so I can get one of my daughters to her try outs and the other one to get her cavity filled. You are Awesome! We are so glad we found you!

Caren S.

Dr. De Mirza was so amazing with our son. He liked that she noticed his "5 year old" bravery! He decided to  draw a picture for her to show his appreciation.

David B.'s Mom

Our goal is to maintain your child’s positive experience at the dentist for a lifetime to come. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in comforting children with dental anxiety, behavioral concerns and those with special health care needs. Our warm and friendly approach allows your child to feel at home and to be excited to visit the dentist.

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